KZN Volunteer Camp


A group of volunteers from all over South Africa are getting together to assist with the development of the KZN Butterfly Sanctuary
Project in Ramsgate. Their aims are to look after the site on which the Sanctuary is to be developed, to make and
manufacture many items such as beach choker jewelry, butterfly stamps, butterfly pebbles, butterfly key rings, butterfly
stone art, butterfly beach wallets, butterfly paintings, recycling of cans, tins, scrap metals, white paper, newspaper,
cardboard, to build rustic furniture and to introduce the Digital Greencoin to the general public. Many more small projects
will be undertaken, which will create funding for the development of this project.

Contact us for the removal of broken down fridges, stoves, appliances, old furniture, scrap metals, magazines, books,
newspaper, white paper or anything you need to get rid of. We will collect it from you at no charge. In this way you are
assisting the KZN Butterfly Valley Volunteer Group to achieve their aims and objectives for this unique project.

Contact David Haenel on his cell on 082 751 6010 or email at