Projects of KZN Butterfly Valley (PTY) Ltd


The Company has bought the Operating Rights of the KZN Butterfly Sanctuary in Ramsgate of Kwa-Zulu Natal from Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa (CBISA) on the 1st June 2017. These Operating Rights allow the Company to build KZN Butterfly Sanctuary and to manage the KZN Butterfly Sanctuary using the Company’s maintenance and upkeep, including the employment opportunity programs set out by the Company for its self-sustainability to become an exciting holiday destination.


This project includes the following assets that complete the entire project of the KZN Butterfly Sanctuary;



  • Nursery

The Nursery will house many trees, shrubs, flowers, orchids, grasses, seedlings, natural composts, seeds, garden furniture and garden features for sale to the general public as well as to the local municipalities.

158m x 4m = 632squ.

6m x 6m = 36squ.

Total area = 668squ.


  • Orchid House

The Orchid House is a show piece in the center of the Butterfly Sanctuary itself. It will house hundreds of orchid species for visitors to enjoy. An experience not forgotten.

6m x 6m = 36squ. At the base and 8m high.


  • Lepidome

The lepidome is a large area netted in with shade cloth and parachute material over the mountain (main feature in the center of the surrounding shops) in which many trees, flowers and grasses grow, having waterfalls and larva flows to add to aesthetic value. In this lepidome many species of butterflies and birds will be seen flying to enthrall our visitors to the Butterfly Sanctuary. The moat surrounding the Mountain inside the lepidome will also have many species of large fish to complete the ambiance and tranquility of the Butterfly Sanctuary.

30m x 30m = 900squ. X 8m high


  • Restaurant Shop No. 1

The restaurant will be one with unique cuisine and will cater for the local community, as well as its tourism visitors.


Inside = 27m x 7m = 189squ.                 Outside = 9m x 5.5m = 38.5squ.

Total area = 227.5squ.


Will sell the following food and beverage stocks;

  1. Wines ,liqueurs, spirits and cold drinks
  2. Indian Curries and rice, atchars, sambles
  3. Roasts with veggies, salads
  4. Burgers and hotdogs, chips, salads
  5. Pies and chips, salads
  6. Deserts and Ice-creams
  7. Cater for wedding,  party, conference functions
  8. Assorted potjie’s


Craft Shop No. 2

The Craft Shop will sell a variety of interesting goodies.

14m x 7m = 98squ.

Here are some of the interesting goodies that will be sold at the Craft Shop;

a)     Butterfly Costume Jewellery

b)    Gold Butterfly Jewellery

c)     South African Butterfly Stamps

d)    Framed South African Butterflies

e)     South African Butterfly Stickers

f)     South African Butterfly Books

g)    South African Butterfly Décor

h)     South African Butterfly Breeding Kits

i)      South African Butterfly Stationary

j)      South African Butterfly Children’s Books

k)      South African Butterfly Caps

l)      South African Butterfly T-shirts

m)    Butterfly Equipment

n)     South African Butterfly Displays

o)    Indigenous Wooden Furniture


Shop No. 3

9m x 7m = 63squ.

Conference Centre Shop No.4


Conference Centre Shop No. 4

The Conference Centre will cater for Conferences as well will be a substitute for receptions for the Wedding Venue. Including special functions that will occur.

Conference Centre Shop

Inside = 19m x 7m = 133squ.                 Outside = 10.5m x 8m= 84squ.

Total area = 217squ.

Will be rented out in the following fashion;

  1. Business conferences
  2. Birthday parties
  3. Extended wedding venue
  4. Christmas and new years functions
  5. Engagement functions


Wedding Co-coordinator and dress shop No. 5

9m x 7m = 63squ.


Will sell the following stocks and services;

  1. Sell and hire wedding dresses
  2. Sell and hire wedding décor
  3. Rent out the wedding venue
  4. Arrange for the weddings reception


Shop No. 6

This shop will be for rental 9m x 7m = 63squ.


Shop No.7

This shop will be for rental 9m x 7m = 63squ.



CBISA Head Office Shop No. 8

This shop will be for rental 9m x 7m = 63squ.

shop 8


Will control the following aspects of its business;

  1. Typesetting of all books
  2. Layouts and clipart’s on all books
  3. Operations office of all future Butterfly Sanctuaries
  4. Scientific department of lepidoptera


Garden Services Shop No. 9

This shop will be for rental 9m x 7m = 63squ.


Will sell the following stocks and services;

  • Will produce a service with the intention of bringing butterflies back to your gardens
  • Selling and planting host plants
  • Selling and planting feeding plants
  • Yard clean ups – materials to be recycled into composts
  • Felling of alien trees – recycling them for furniture production
  • Sales of garden products

The determination and allocation of the shops will be accomplished only once the shops have been completed. There may be persons who wish to either rent or prefer to purchase shops on plans being submitted and passed. 

Other Butterfly Sanctuaries to follow;

  • Eastern Cape Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Western Cape Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Northern Cape Butterfly Sanctuary
  • North West Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Limpopo Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Free State Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Gauteng Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Mpumalanga Butterfly Sanctuary

Other projects

Many small business projects are undertaken to support this main project to create its own funding. Through activities such as recycling of metals, plastics, bottles and white paper, newspaper and cardboard. Teams of volunteers collect these recyclables, which in turn provides these individual teams with a reasonable income as well as adding to creating funds for the KZN Butterfly Sanctuary Project, as well as enhancing the growth of Greencoin.

Other projects including the manufacturing of jewelry, collectable and unique butterfly stamps, butterfly paintings and framing, rustic furniture, sourcing materials for the development of KZN Butterfly Sanctuary, donations, lectures to various book clubs, garden clubs, businesses and corporations, a development of rustic holiday chalets for rental and much more. Our projects are for the benefit of our natural and indigenous wildlife of the smaller creatures in which there is not much funding made available. Such as grasshoppers, butterflies, a huge variety of insects, the blue duiker, red duiker and grey duiker. Our volunteer camp provides this funding and in turn they are rewarded with many more forms of support.