Aims and Objectives


The aims of the Company are to develop 9 Butterfly Sanctuaries throughout South Africa, one in each province. The objective is to maintain sustainability for the environment and ecosystem on which these Butterfly Sanctuaries are to be built.


Artist Impression by Earle Whiteley

Creating employment opportunities to its local populace and enhancing the quality of life for its members through the development of these Butterfly Sanctuaries, as well as a continued success in the running of all completed Butterfly Sanctuaries in which the local populace will enjoy the opportunities presented to them through employment opportunities. Such as;



Artist Impression by Earle Whiteley

Employment Opportunities in the near future


  1. Gardeners for the property on which the Butterfly Sanctuary is developed
  2. Laborers for building the Sanctuaries
  3. Tour guides for the Butterfly Sanctuary
  4. Staff to work in the rented shops
  5. Car guards for the visitors to the Butterfly Sanctuary
  6. Staff to manage various Mall Crawls
  7. Speakers to present Lectures and awareness programs
  8. Cleaning Staff for the Butterfly Sanctuary
  9. Chef and waiters for the Restaurant of the Butterfly Sanctuary


Some Features of the Butterfly Sanctuary in the near future


The aims of the project are to help all volunteers with permanent employment once the development objective has been completed. Also, to participate in making others aware of the project aims, which include the support to other smaller conservation entities that have a difficulty in receiving funding for their vital projects: especially when it comes to the smaller creatures that also have the right to be protected in their natural environments. These would include butterflies, dragonflies and generally all indigenous insects. The program will also make sure that it caters for our smaller animals, especially endangered species such as the Blue Duiker, Red Duiker and Grey Duiker. Through the awareness program, people will want to come and see the new KZN Butterfly Sanctuary and in so doing fund our projects by means of sales made from the Sanctuary, as it will be a major tourist attraction on the South Coast.